With the King and Marilyn in Las Vegas

Since writing my book, it seems I find Elvis everywhere I go. Of course, it’s not hard to do when you’re in Las Vegas, the city that is nearly as associated with Elvis as Memphis and his birthplace of Tupelo, Mississippi, and the country’s biggest hotbed of Elvis impersonators.

Attending the JCK watch and jewelry trade show on assignment for my magazine, I attended a cocktail party at Belluso, a luxury jeweler in the Palazzo hotel, an annual event for many of the show’s guests. This year, the party’s hosts had an extra, Only -in-Vegas treat for guests: “Elvis Presley” and “Marilyn Monroe” worked the crowd and posed for photos. As you can see, your humble author could not resist: that’s me in the middle, with martini.

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Bernardo

Through several chapters in Elvis Presley: Memphis, I cover how Elvis made that city his second home in later years and how the lifestyle there significantly affected him, his marriage to Priscilla, and his relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. And who knows? Maybe if enough readers want it, an Elvis Presley: Las Vegas would make a good sequel to explore the King’s haunts and hangouts in Sin City.


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