Welcome… on this page you will find my full-color photos of sites from Elvis Presley: Memphis — places where the king of rock ‘n’ roll lived, learned, played and performed in his beloved hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee
This is a shot of Beale Street in downtown Memphis. today a popular nightlife and tourist destination. In his youth, Elvis used to come here to listen to the blues and gospel music that influenced his own musical style.
Humes High School
Elvis went to high school, and first performed for an audience, in this building, today called Humes Middle School. It was Humes High when Elvis attended in the ’50s.
Sun Studio, Memphis, TN
Sun Studio, the legendary Memphis recording studio founded by Sam Phillips, and where Elvis Presley recorded his first singles, is today a major tourist attraction. This modest brick building is said to be the cradle of rock ‘n’ roll.
Hotel Chicsa, Memphis, TN
The Hotel Chicsa, which today stands empty and abandoned, once housed the radio station where DJ Dewey Phillips first played Elvis’s first single, “That’s All Right,” driving Memphis radio listeners into a frenzy and giving birth to a musical phenomenon.


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